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21 Books to Expand Your Consciousness

6 de julio de 2022, por
A Course In Miracles

Together with The Aquarian Gospel, A Course In Miracles has been my most commonly read book. It’s now the only one that I read daily. I call it the untempered Bible, and I know with my Being that this channeled material came from the purest source.

I’m still not able to grasp all ACIM concepts as it’s multi-dimensional as I explain in this donation post. Every day by reading the same page I can find something new, which assures me of my daily spiritual progress. That’s how you can use this book too—if, by reading the same page every day, you can see new truths in it, it means your progress is steady.

ACIM is available for free online (just google it—there are plenty of sites offering it for free) and as a physical copy (a heavy one). Since it’s a true, undistorted, Jesus’ message, every home would benefit from having one.

The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus Christ

The Aquarian Gospel is a channeled book which describes the life of Jesus Christ. The difference between the New Testament and this book is that this one is untempered.

It was channeled by Levi, a person who would have preferred to remain anonymous; he wanted readers’ attention to be on the text, and not on the one who transcribed it.

The Aquarian Gospel also differs from the New Testament in that it describes Jesus’ missing years, a big time gap that Bible is strangely silent about.

This is a highly illuminating and inspiring book. It corrects many obscure and changed passages of the Bible, and so removes fear and doubt that arise in many from reading distorted Bible texts. It paints a clear and convincing image of Jesus to such an extent that you feel Jesus’ presence when you read it.

The text of The Aquarian Gospel is so simple and clear that you’ll feel great comfort reading it first time; though if you choose to read it again (and again!), a bigger, hidden, liberating message will be revealed to you. It’s the Christ itself that will show itself through the book’s pages—Christ is the potential, our Divine essence, that can manifest in anyone choosing to live a life as pure as Jesus’.

The Boy and The Brothers, by Omananda Puri (Maud MacCarthy)

I believe that The Boy And The Brothers came from Jesus and other sparks of God who managed to completely cross over into God-consciousness, because when you compare the texts such as ACIM or The Aquarian Gospel, the Brothers’ writings sound almost identical.

In Brothers’ materials you can find some concepts explained that are only touched upon in other channeled materials of Ascended Masters, like about needs versus wants or about the importance of the wholeness of the mind (achieved by the singleness of purpose).

Brothers’ writings come in two volumes. The one I’m mentioning here is a more popular one; the other one is called Towards the Mysteries and is definitely worth reading too.

Light On The Path, by Mabel Collins

Here’s a C. W. Leadbeater’s commentary about the origins of this small but powerful spiritual booklet:

It is but a small book even now; but the first form in which we see it is smaller yet. It is a palm-leaf manuscript, old beyond computation; so old that even before the time of Christ men had already forgotten its date and the name of its writer, and regarded its origin as lost in the mists of prehistoric antiquity. It consists of ten leaves, and on each leaf are written three lines only (…). Each line is complete in itself—a short aphorism.

Light on The Path is one of those books that are multi-dimensional; it has different lessons for different levels of consciousness—each person will get from it what he’s ready to take in.

Steps to Self-Mastery, by S. R. Parchment

Steps to Self-Mastery is dear to my heart, as it uplifted me many times when times were hard on my journey to self-knowledge.

I recommend this book for those who need spiritual inspiration about how to lead a pure life. After reading Steps to Self-Mastery the feeling of quiet happiness and contentment will overflow you.

It’s written by a person who was spiritually wide awake and who, through the book, attempted to show how to get to the other side through simple steps of personal purification.

At the Feet of the Master, by Jiddu Krishnamurti

At the Feet of the Master is an early text channeled by Jiddu Krishnamurti when he was still part of the theosophical society. Although some people are against this organization, I find that the bare bones of their structure are pure truth.

This book has those bare bones of spirituality—the firm foundation that once established, allows spirituality to blossom in a balanced and natural way.

It’s a highly inspiring read that can illuminate darker aspects of your life that must be removed for you to progress spiritually.

God-man: The Word Made Flesh, by Dr. George W. Carey and Eudora Perry

The Word Made Flesh describes the process of saving the Christ seed that you give birth to every month when the moon is in your zodiac sign. I wrote about it in my personal update post.

As I managed to save the seed, I know the information of this book is pure truth, no matter how unbelievable it might seem.

I encourage you to read it if your aim is to keep growing spiritually. This book is available in for free.

Bhagavad Gita

Gita is one of the most venerated sacred texts of India, which is a story taken from a larger spiritual text called Mahabharata. I mentioned its philosophy in a few of my posts before. This book inspires me and I can feel in my heart that only truth is written in it.

It’s the most important read for those who want to take action without it leaving any kind of stain (karma); it’s the book that can liberate those who now perceive themselves bound by duties and responsibilities or unfavorable circumstances and see no way out.

If you understand and apply what Gita teaches, your actions will no longer bind you, but will be stepping-stones to ever-greater freedom and understanding of the Divine.

Gita is available online for free—just google it, and you’ll get plenty of sites offering this spiritual text.

Peace Pilgrim: Her Life and Work in her Own Words

Peace Pilgrim was an American woman who walked across the US on foot with only one message—Peace. Her writings reflect her mental and spiritual maturity, and through simple and clear advice she explains how to remove all fear and stress from life, and what little steps to take for spiritual awakening and further spiritual progress.

This woman had absolutely no money, but never lacked it, since strangers offered it to her, including food and shelter. She had absolutely no belongings. She never knew where she would sleep or what she would eat—she totally trusted the Divine in supplying all, and she was supplied with everything she ever needed.

Her message is inspiring and is a must read for those who still lack faith in Divine protection. Although she never published her own book, she left many written messages which, after her death, were collected and published in a book by the followers of her teachings. This book is available here for free.

Zanoni, by Edward Bulwer Lytton

Written as a novel, Zanoni offers a deep spiritual teaching for those who have eyes to see. As it’s told in its introduction, this book is not for the majority; the author knew that not many would really ‘get it’ apart from the surface story.

It’s an interesting, though wordy, read for those who see only the physical; it has lots of deep spiritual information for those who can read between the lines and are quiet enough to hear the Inner Voice whispering its meaning.

You can get its PDF here for free. Here’s a piece of useful advice—do not skip ANY of the elaborate explanations of events—they’re explained this way for a reason. Take time in reading it, and let the full scene play out before your eyes, with the spiritual message gradually arising from backstage. You may need to read it more than once to really get it.

Edgar Cayce’s Story of The Origin and Destiny of Man, by Edgar Cayce and Lytle Robinson

This book is a must to read for all those wondering about the origin of humanity. It doesn’t offer a positive explanation; it tells about how humans weren’t supposed to be the beings of flesh, but descended into matter due to the interest in the animal life on Earth.

Even if you don’t believe the book’s theory, it’s a great read to expand your mind.

If you haven’t heard of Edgar Cayce, in the US he was called the ‘Sleeping Prophet’ due to his ability to access accurate information of all sorts during his trance sessions. He was the most researched psychic in the US—nobody could prove that he was false.

If you’re interested in Edgar Cayce’s channeling ability and his extraordinary life, a great book to read is Edgar Cayce: An American Prophet, though there are more biographies written about him.

Light on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, by B K S Iyengar

Out of all the translations and commentaries that I read on Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, this one is the clearest and most meaningful.

Many other commentators interpret Patanjali’s texts in a purely intellectual manner, but spiritual texts aren’t one-dimensional—it takes a person who’s awake to really understand them. It feels like B K S Iyengar translated and commented on these texts with the support of not only his knowledge of Sanskrit (from which this book was translated), but also his spiritual vision.

I highly recommend Light on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali to all those interested in real yoga philosophy, as opposed to the shallow one that focuses only on some tiny aspect of yoga, like body postures or mantras.

Autobiography of a Yogi, by Paramahansa Yogananda

This is a highly inspirational book that will help you to overcome fear and live a more spiritual and free life. This book is capable of raising your vibration to a high degree; although it talks about spiritual experiences of one spiritual seeker, every spiritual seeker can experience as extraordinary events as found in the book, if they only let go of fear and pursue spirituality fully.

Autobriography of a Yogi will open your mind to an extraordinary spiritual reality and will give you more faith in Divine protection.

Dolores Cannon books

Dolores Cannon wrote many popular books on the deeper side of spirituality. She was one of the earliest hypnotherapists who wasn’t scared to deal with the deepest part of the unconscious—the area where other hypnotherapists were afraid to penetrate, since that was the area that was distortion-free (many people are afraid to find out the real truth).

She would put people under hypnosis, and, if given permission prior to the session, she’d ask at the end of their session things she wanted to find out, like about the life of Jesus, prophesies of Nostradamus, other dimensions, past lives, and many other interesting subjects. You can find her many books listed on her Amazon page.

Spiritual Compass. The Three Qualities of Life, by Satish Kumar

Spiritual Compass explains Indian philosophy on life balance and spirituality in a simple and uplifting way. It’s useful to read for those who want to get more in the flow of life, and to live in harmony with nature.

It’s also a good read for those who want to get more familiar with Hindu understanding of life and spirituality and their suggested ever-green ways of how to maintain balance in this life for peace of mind.

I wrote a review of this book here.

Tibet’s Great Yogi Milarepa, by W.Y. Evans Wentz (2004 Edition)

The contents of this book came out as a result of a dream that encouraged a spiritual seeker to ask his guru about the life of this particular yogi (Milarepa).

The reason why it’s useful to read about Milarepa’s life, is because he achieved spiritual illumination without having worked hard spiritually in past lives—he managed to overcome all the barriers to illumination in only one lifetime. His life is a teaching of how to purify yourself to behold the Divine. Milarepa’s guru was Gautama Buddha—the most well-known Buddha in the world.

When you read some accounts of the lives of spiritual people, you can undeniably feel that they’re genuine. This is one of such accounts, no matter how fantastic the described events of the book may seem.

There’s a newer edition of this book, but I’m linking to the one that I’ve read.

The Tao of Pooh, by Benjamin Hoff

The Tao of Pooh is a well-known book that describes Taoism in a very simple and common-sense way. I love how this Eastern spiritual tradition is explained by describing the life of Winnie-the-Pooh, the bear whose life was harmonious with Tao principles.

It’s a peaceful, inspirational and feel-good book whose wit will make you laugh, and whose simple messages shouldn’t be taken lightly, as they contain deep truths of this Universe.

Wheel of Life, by Anil Sharma

Wheel of Life is a book that’s hard to find, but if you do, you’re in luck. I found my copy in Rishikesh. Just for your information, its ISBN-13 is 9788190817004.

Wheel of Life describes what happens after death, what astral world is, how reincarnation works, and other subjects of life beyond the physical. It’s based on the teachings of a great spiritual master Sri Ramana Maharshi. Some of the concepts may seem complicated and hard to understand, especially for those not familiar with Indian spirituality.

My summary and review of this book can be found here.

The Essential Sri Anandamayi Ma: Life and Teachings of a 20th Century Indian Saint, by Sri Anandamayi Ma and Joseph A. Fitzgerald

This beautifully illustrated book pulses with author’s love for this Indian saint. In my mind I got a description of her as a ‘spiritual heavyweight’. Her teachings are rooted in non-duality, and not taken from any spiritual book—she had them all inside, and found the path without any guru or book. She was already born a mystic.

It gets really interesting half-way through the book where her words are recorded. Some of her messages sent shivers down my spine—they were so direct and rooted in truth.

The Cosmic Doctrine, by Dion Fortune

The Cosmic Doctrine was channeled by Dion Fortune. It’s a hard read, but if you take time in trying to understand it, the information will illuminate your understanding about the creation and the laws of this Universe.

The information of the book is multi-dimensional; it contains many layers—it’s just the level of your consciousness that determines how much you’ll be able to receive.

How to Know Higher Worlds, by Rudolph Steiner

How to Know Higher Worlds is also a hard read, but worth the time and effort. This book describes planet formation and how the Earth came about. Although you may call it a theory, if you truly get absorbed in a book, you’ll be in for an unforgettable experience. The sequence of events in the book opens up new dimensions in you—that’s the best way I can explain it.

Many people won’t be able to understand or finish the book, thinking it to be too complicated or maybe repetitive. But those who take time and slowly go through it will get spiritually enriched for sure. Reading books as such also expands intellect and makes it sharper if you take time to understand its tough concepts.