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How to See Through The Veil

9 de mayo de 2021, por Simona Rich

This world is an illusion. But you will never really understand this through your experience as long as you have any kind of investment in this world. Most people are hugely invested in this world, some people ? very little. But as long as even one investment in the world remains, you?ll not see what?s beyond the veil.

It?s false to think that some investments matter more than others, and that some investments are more real than others. Thinking as such is what keeps the mind unhealed, because this kind of thinking is not whole. Either the world is an illusion or not. If you think that some things of this world are illusory whilst some are real, your mind will be split, and you?ll not be able to transcend the world and see the truth.

Everything in this world leads you away from God, and further into the illusion. So any investment in this world will always produce unhappiness and emptiness, since you invest in error.

Some people wake up to see that attachment to material things creates misery, so they see this investment as wrong. Some people wake up to see that living for food creates misery and emptiness. Some wake up to see that running after money creates misery and emptiness. But yet so few wake up to see that investing in exclusive relationships creates misery and emptiness too. They get caught up in the pain and pleasure game, and exalt shifting pleasure and impermanent happiness and hold these as a proof that relationships are valid and should be invested in ? that relationships are different from other forms of illusion.

But running after women or men is still running after illusion, because of your perception of lack. You want to invest in relationships only because you think that they can give you something that you lack, and this is exactly what keeps you in the illusion, unable to see through it.

As long as you think that others can give you something, can give you anything ? you?ll be stuck in illusion. When you perceive that you have everything, and thus are perfect and whole, you then remove all the investment from the world and dwell in yourself, and only then the illusion of this world is no longer real to you because you no longer think it can give you anything, and you no longer react to the different forms of illusion, thus making them real to you.

Then, and only then, illusion is no longer holding you hostage, and only then you wake up from this dream. And then you wake up from it to God-consciousness, where you know you?re connected with the whole Creation, and that you are loved, and that you?re limitless, divine, and lacking nothing.

Some children will not want to go home. They?ll still want to play in the mud, building castles of illusion and playing ?home?. That?s fine. Time is an illusion anyway, everyone will eventually return home. But if you?re tired of this game of life and you know it?s not your real home, stop investing in this illusion. Take back the investment where it belongs ? into your Self.

Dwell in peace, needing from the world nothing, and running after nothing. And then the illusion will start melting before your very eyes, and you?ll awaken from the long-dreamt dream that looked very real and solid, and you?ll find yourself in your Real Home where you are unconditionally loved, and where you are unconditional love.